The Sanctity of Life and the Gospel

Presented by Mafgia Ministries

Taken from Scripture, the word “mafgia” (mof-ghee-uh) is Hebrew for “intercessor.” We are committed to interceding for the sanctity of human life, at every level, from conception to natural death. Through education and thoughtful dialogue, we seek to take captive every imagination that has exalted itself above the knowledge of God. It is only through the Gospel that we begin to understand what it means to have intrinsic value. Not value based on skills, achievement, or education, but value established at creation by our Creator and reconfirmed at the cross by our Re-Creator. Value that cannot be taken away. Understanding our value will impact the way we value the lives of others, the decisions we make day by day, and even the life of the unborn. Through this lens, we invite you to join this conversation about abortion.

Our Presenters

DIANNE PEEPLES WAGNER (speaker): Dianne lives with her best friend and husband of 34 years, David, and is the mother of four grown children. Being a post-abortive woman, Dianne knows firsthand the crippling shame that comes from choosing abortion. She also knows the sweet, redemptive love of a Heavenly Father and Creator. Dianne is committed to encouraging other post-abortive women and men to finally address the pain that is so often stuffed away for years and experience being fully redeemed through Jesus Christ.

ANTIONETTE DUCK (founder and speaker): As one rescued from abortion, Antionette is a Seventh-day Adventist attorney and speaker dedicated to rescuing others. A living testament to the redemptive grace of the Lord, she has come to understand that her faults and failures are not the end of the story. She invites you to walk in the redemptive grace that is yours.

Mafgia Ministries


Dianne Peeples Wagner (left), Antionette Duck (right)


Breaking the Silence


Beginning with her own story, Dianne breaks the silence on the plight of the post-abortive, sharing her incredible journey of trauma, brokenness, and the Cross, where her hope was restored and condemnation destroyed.

Made in His Image


Do you believe you are fearfully and wonderfully made? In this session, Antionette shares her story of rescue, of two lives preserved because of those who believed in the value of both mother and child. She will then explore the concept of our value as established by the LORD, and how understanding that value affects every aspect of our lives, from our own worth, to the way we perceive others, and ultimately, to the way we perceive the unborn.

fetus in womb

A Case for Life 

Antionette will make a scientific defense for the unborn, exploring misconceptions and difficult questions, and equipping participants with a deeper understanding of how to discuss abortion, the unborn, and the value of all.

mother and baby

The Glory of Redemptive Grace

Dianne concludes with a powerful message of grace, redemption, and the total and complete healing the LORD intends for every woman and man. By understanding post-abortion recovery, we realize that we no longer need to be crippled by shame or to doubt the LORD’s forgiveness. We can accept the redemptive, restorative, and renewing love of Jesus.

Watch the presentations below.