Midwifery Assistant

The Midwifery Assistant, also known as birth assistant or birth attendant, works in homes or birth centers under the supervision of a licensed midwife or nurse midwife. Her primary duty and priority is to assist the midwife. 


Hartland College’s Midwifery Department is offering an online 3-week Midwifery Assistant course that is only available to students that successfully complete our Christian Childbirth Educator and Doula course and earn their Doula certification (documented attendance at 3 births). The Midwifery Assistant course is divided into 15 lessons that focus on clinical knowledge and skills needed to execute the duties of a midwifery assistant, including but not limited to charting, setting up a sterile field, set-up for an out-of-hospital birth, and assisting a midwife during labor, delivery, and postpartum. Below is a list of our lesson topics.

Midwifery Assistant Course Lesson Topics:

  • History of Midwifery
  • PEP Process and Legal Framework
  • Midwifery Model of Care and HIPPA Law
  • Anatomy and Physiology in Pregnancy
  • The Godly Assistant
  • Role of the Midwifery Assistant
  • Record Keeping
  • Universal Precautions
  • Homebirth Set-up
  • Assisting at Birth
  • Assisting in Complications
  • The Newborn Exam
  • Instrument Sterilization
  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Final Thoughts and Final Exam

This Midwifery Assistant course is delivered fully online. Students have 3 weeks to complete all the lessons. There are 3 online live Zoom meetings that allow students to get their questions answered and practice practical skills together.


Course Requirements:

  • Complete all 15 lessons
  • Closed-book final exam
  • Attend 3 live online class meetings
  • NRP and CPR certification after course completion
  • To pass, you must receive a final grade of 80 or above.


  • You must have access to a computer with high speed internet access. You will need audio and video capabilities to attend our Zoom meeting. You CANNOT do this course on a cell phone.
  • Most course materials are found on our online platform, Populi. Note: After the course, you will not have access to online course content.
  • Book: Practical Skills Guide, 5th Edition by Pam Weaver
  • Kit: Midwifery Assistant Student Kit from Precious Arrows (contains supplies needed to practice clinical skills)


Next Course Dates: TBA

Tuition: $600.00

Former students who are interested in applying should contact Patti Barnes, CPM at (336) 859-3756‬. 


Student Testimonial: A Foundation for Midwifery

After being a birth professional for over 25 years and in multiple states, I have experienced and been certified through multiple organizations as a birth doula and midwife assistant. Recently within this last year I have felt an intense heart tug to be a full-time midwife. Within this journey, Hartland College has surfaced to the top for assistance, learning and knowledge, as well as support for the PEP process with the North American Registry of Midwives.

In the fall of 2021, I was entertaining stepping into Hartland College for Midwifery and to go through the education, time and investment. Though, I have to be quite honest, after multiple certifying organization certifications, as well as over 600 births underneath my belt as a birth doula and midwife assistant, I thought it would be just another course that I would have to grin and bear it to get through. 

Without any hesitancy, I want to shout it on the rooftops – how amazing the program is with Patti Barnes. Her support, the in-depth education and information about anatomy, physiology, pregnancy, the laboring journey, birth, etc. was more in detail than I ever had heard with any other program and experience. I am so glad that the doula program and childbirth education program were a non-debatable starting block for this process. It is such a foundation for Midwifery and how it is presented along with putting another layer of the midwife assistant course is absolutely a positive indescribable terrific experience. The Midwife Assistant Course has been State of the art, exceptional, Tip top of the line- like none other as well. Really, I cannot say and write enough positive adjectives to describe really what your course offers. Do you know what you have in your hands? Ladies need to hear and go through this course from far and wide as well as from the north to the south!

This course could be a powerful impact for these young ladies who are starting their careers. While I did, (by the grace of God and experience) made my way through many years, your course would launch a young lady into success much more quicker, empowered and more equipped than any other!

Exceptionally grateful and may God continue to bless,

Ranelle Williams, CCE, CD