Q. Can I bypass the CE Doula course if I already completed a doula course elsewhere?

Unfortunately, you can not bypass the CE Doula course from Hartland College as this is a requirement for all our students. Our students will start with the CE Doula Course, and then the Midwifery Assistant course before entering the Midwifery Program. This is a pre-requisite as it builds upon each other. Our foundation is different from other doula courses being offered in that we are a Christian Institution. Also, our CE Doula course is more intensive than a typical course. It will lay the foundations for the midwifery program, so that it is not as long. 


Q. Will you count the births that I’ve already done from my previous doula certification?

We prefer the births to be done after the program, however, we will count them if they have been done recently and in the capacity of a doula. Program Director will reserve the right to determine that. If the Director approves your previous births, you would still have to fill out our client paperwork such as the Evaluation, Client Permission, and Documentations of the birth which is given to you at the end of the course for verification.


Q: Do you offer scholarships?

No, we do not offer scholarships at this time. But we highly recommend you try to find someone to sponsor you, such as your church, relatives, or friends because this is a great outreach for your community. 


Q: Do you accept the G.I. Bill?

Hartland College is not accredited at this time and we do not accept Government Funding. 


Q: When will the Online Midwifery Program be available?

Our program used to be taught at the physical location at Hartland College, but ever since the pandemic, we started working on putting it online. It is no longer offered in person at the college. We’ve completed transferring the Childbirth Educator/Doula Course and the Midwifery Assistant Course online. We are still working on updating, recording, and uploading all of our Midwifery Course lectures, assignments, quizzes, projects, etc. As soon as it is available we will post it on this website.